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Top 5 Shopify Themes

A poor design of an e-commerce store will lead to a loss in customers and hence zero sales. There are countless e-commerce marketing strategies that you can adopt to generate more leads and traffic to your store. Still, if your Shopify store lacks a beautiful design, the chances are that your customers will bounce back. If you need your customers to at least stay and browse your store, the first thing you need to do is make the store feasible for them. These Top 5 Shopify Themes will help you to make a professional and feasible store.

One doesn’t need a premium theme to gain success. A free theme will do the same job as it also encompasses numerous beautiful designs. Choosing the best theme for your store can be trickier because some themes aren’t always up to date, while some have better functionality than others. Here we have compiled almost five different Shopify themes for your store. Have a look at them and read the specifications.


It is a multipurpose and quite flexible Shopify theme that is built in a way that goes well with every e-commerce store. Wokiee is the first team from our Top 5 Shopify Themes . If your wish is to purchase a premium theme that allows you to gain full control over the design of your Shopify store, then Wokiee should be your number one choice. On visiting the demo page of the Wokiee theme, you will be amazed to see different layouts for your store. Apart from this, the theme is quite modern and is regularly updated. Wokiee comes with 27 eye-catching layouts for your homepage. This makes things easier for you, as you can pick the layout that matches your brand identity. Apart from this, Wokiee also allows the users to add their personal touch to the theme. One can easily change the colors and logo of the Shopify store by making minor changes in the pre-built header layouts. One can also change other visual properties of the store. The theme is pretty straightforward to use, and it includes a wider range of pre-built content along with other useful e-commerce tools that give a beautiful look to the already developed store.


It is the first theme that has been launched by the Athemes team. The Active theme was initially built to make sure that it satisfies every aspect of the online shopping store. Active is the Second team from our Top 5 Shopify Themes. It allows the user to experience three premium quality demos from which one can easily choose from. Apart from this, one can also add content according to their own choice and launch the store at their own ease. Active is a fully customizable theme, and unlike other customizable themes, it allows you to modify other pages of the website too. The Athemes team worked hard to add a unique feature to the theme that makes the whole theme customizable. This means that every product that is listed on the website can have an entirely different product page from another, highlighting its main features. Active is a premium theme, and it is made up of clean code, which makes it easier to load, and is updated regularly. Along with this, it provides access to the 24/7 support forum, in which you can ask your questions and get the required answers.


Avone is one of the unique premium high-quality Shopify themes that go well with every kind of online store. It encompasses a total of 18 demos, from which you can choose the theme of your liking. For a free experience, one can always visit their website and get an idea about the specifications of the theme. Avone is a fairly minimalistic theme and allows your store a clean and sleek look, irrespective of the type of products that you are selling on your online store. Avone is quite flexible and also offers pre-store content that makes things easier for you while customizing your online shop. Along with this, the theme also boasts about 1000 other theme options that you can undertake to fully customize your website according to your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have past experience in managing a Shopify store or not. Avone can easily be installed in just a matter of time, within a few clicks.


The universe is also a multipurpose theme that goes well with every online store. It doesn’t matter if you are using the light Earth mode or have chosen the dark Mars option; the Universe theme adds more style to your already developed online store. It is a suitable choice for everyone who wants to keep things clean and wants their website to load easily. The theme offers multiple choices to its users, such as choosing a full-width slider, a fully customizable homepage, and choices to add featured products, etc. Apart from this, one can easily feature blog posts from their blog to the Shopify store too. There are numerous other e-commerce related features too, such as creating a product carousel, integrating Google maps, and linking YouTube to the store. It can easily be installed and is fully customizable, which makes it the top choice for everyone who wants to give a fresh and clean look to their online store.


Roxxe’s biggest flex is its 50 e-commerce demos that encompass numerous products as well as other types of online shops. If you wish to add a theme that is a one-size-fits-all kind of theme, Roxxe will meet all of your needs. Roxxe offers a high-quality template to its users and adds to the beauty of the online store. It is the most flexible theme of all as it allows you to add custom gadgets to your store too. It provides a vast library of templates to choose from. This ensures that not only your store looks beautiful, but it meets the expectations of your customers too. Apart from this, Roxxe also boasts about its email collection bar, which one can use to gain more potential customers for their business. Along with this, it also contains a tool that allows you to create daily deals and related promotions with the already installed timer that helps in expiring those deals once a certain time limit has reached. To add a unique look to your online store, Roxxe is becoming the top choice for new Shopify store owners.

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